A Glorious Graduation for our Year 9 Students

It was a beautiful night for our Year 9s last Friday as the celebrated their graduation in style. The completion of Key Stage 3 is a big step and, as they prepare to enter their exam years, it is important for us here at BISA to mark the occasion.

Speeches were read about each graduate, achievement prizes were awarded and all the Year 9s glammed up to enjoy a night especially for them.

Our achievement prize winners were:

Gabrialla Doria, Mussa Lesso and Benedict Mberesero for Drama

Micah Boye and Waitta Teshome for History

Angel Karegyesa for Kiswahili

Wilbert Kapinga for French

Sasha Pandit for English, Music and Science

Jasveen Grewal for Art, Geography, Computing and Mathematics.

Congratulations to you all!