A Memorable Music Recital

Last Thursday, the Music Keys Programme students (in Year 4 and Year 5) presented a lovely music recital, showcasing all their hard work over the past year. There were solos, duets and even mini ensembles, displaying their talent on the piano, guitar, violin and recorder. The Music Mentors from Secondary were also able to show their support and watch their students perform. They were able to see how their effort every morning has helped the Year 4 and Year 5 students get to where they are today. The Music Department is proud of everyone involved in the Music Keys Programme and are excited to have incoming Year 4 students join the programme next academic year! 

Here is what some of our students and mentors say about their Music Keys experience:

“I like the Music Keys Programme because it is fun and it gives me joy!” - Priya (Y5)

“I like my Music Mentor because she is patient, funny and a good pianist!" - Amos (Y5)

“My Music Mentor gives up a lot of her time to teach me. She is really kind.” - Daisy (Y5)

 “I enjoy playing my guitar with the other students. It makes me feel super happy!” -Belize (Y5)

“When I play the piano, it takes me to my ‘peaceful place’it makes me feel relaxed and confident.” - James (Y5)

 “I have enjoyed being a Music Mentor because I have been able to form special relationships with the primary students I teach.” - Ivy (Y8)

 “Being a Music Mentor has helped me take more responsibility.” - Vaidehi (Y8)

“I never knew how to play the guitar before The Music Keys Programme. Now I am learning lots of new songs!” -Raj (Y4)

“I play the piano when I am sad and it makes me feel better.” - Mark (Y4)

“Being a Music Mentor has taught me how to adapt different teaching techniques to different students’ learning styles." - Elsa (Y12)

“I feel like I have learnt a new skill -- teaching! I better know how to teach music and be patient with others.” - Parleen (Y10)