Collaboration Day in FS2 and Year 1

Last Friday our FS2 children were invited to join Year 1 for a Collaboration Day. As part of BISA's commitment to effective and smooth transitions between Key Stages, this formed another part of preparing our students for the upcoming changes.

We asked our FS2 teacher, Mrs Brown, how the day went:

"Collaboration Day was a huge success with the children being split into mixed aged groups. We carried out a series of senses activities where the children got the opportunity to use each of their senses independently. These activities included being blindfolded then using their sense of smell to help them guess what it was, and listening to each other and creating sounds for each other on voice recorders. A lot of fun was had throughout the morning. The day was rounded off with creating Mother's Day gifts where children iced biscuits, made baskets and cards altogether. Thank you so much Year 1 for having us!" - Mrs Brown

With only 7 weeks left of this academic year, preparing our youngest students for their next stage is vital. Over the coming weeks they will be doing even more activities and visits to help them understand and feel ready and confident. This includes meeting their new teacher during transition morning in June. If you, as parent, need any advice on how to support your child during this time, please do not hesitate to speak with your child's teacher.