Inter-House Cross Country

On Friday 19th May our annual Inter-House Cross Country event took place. Here is a run down of the day from our Sports Prefects...

This year, the day began with a fantastic start. The weather was perfect; a sunny day meaning the courses were dry and not as muddy as most of our previous years, but still cloudy enough to get a bit of shade as we ran. The one spot on our red course that was too wet was covered by a ‘lovely’ diversion bridge by Mr. Masudi. The day began with primary running the white course (2.5km), then secondary with the yellow (4km) and red (6km) courses. The participation levels were at their peak this year. It’s a very delightful thing that we do every year because we get to see true sportsmanship when our students participate and support each other as they run. With all this enthusiasm also came the competitive nature of our top athletes. It’s great to see our students really push themselves and achieve their personal bests.

Special Congratulations to:
Yuri Lems - 1st Place KS2 Boys
Cai Lems - 1st Place KS2 Girls
Micah Boye - 1st Place KS3 Boys
Niamh Baker - 1st Place KS3 Girls
Marvin Onwukwe - 1st Place KS4&5 Boys
Tania Lems - 1st Place KS4&5 Girls