Year 9 take on Little Meru

Our Year 9 students took on the challenge of climbing to the top of Little Meru during Enrichment Week. 3 days of trekking through the every-changing landscape of the mountain was hard work but worth it when they reached the dizzy heights of 3820m above sea level.

Here are some of their thoughts on the experience:

"The Mount Meru trip was an interesting experience for me. Being in a different environment with my class mates all trying and racing to reach the top first. I would happily do it again but this time I would pack a thicker sleeping bag! Cold nights and beautiful walks got us all to the top and back down again in one piece. " - Niamh

"Meru was a once in a lifetime experience. My dad says if you have lived in Tanzania you must have seen Lengai and the Ngorongoro Crater and you must have climbed Kili and Meru to be proud of your stay in Tanzania" - Ben
"Our Meru trip was really exhausting but when we finally got to the top we were happy and it was worth it. I enjoyed the time we got off at the campsites" - Sharon
"It was extremely tiring but it was worth it! Reaching the top felt great!" -Jasveen

"The Meru trip was the first time I cried in a while but it got me closer to nature than I've ever been." - Erica
Well done to all our Year 9s on their achievement!