E-Safety Tips

At the start of each new term, all the children are taught the importance of keeping safe on line. These are crucial lessons that are very important in this digital age. At Braeburn, we also recognise the importance of keeping our parents informed of the importance of knowing what our children are doing online. We have held e-safety workshops in the last 2 years and those that came left with new knowledge on how to make the internet a safe place for the whole family. Below are some tips on how we can be E-SAFE at home.

  • Keep the computer in a high-traffic area of your home.
  • Establish limits for which online sites children may visit and for how long.
  • Remember that Internet technology can be mobile, so make sure to monitor cell phones, gaming devices, and laptops.
  • Surf the Internet with your children and let them show you what they like to do online.
  • Know who is connecting with your children online and set rules for social networking, instant messaging, e-mailing, online gaming, and using webcams.
  • Continually dialogue with your children about online safety.

Discussion starters

  • What are your favorite things to do online?
  • What is personal information? Why should you keep it private?
  • What could you do to be safer online?
  • What would you do if anyone online asked to meet you face-to-face?
  • Besides me, who do you feel that you can talk to if you are in a scary or uncomfortable situation?