Chatterbox Time in Creche

The ability to listen, understand, and communicate is vital in order to function in society, whether through building relationships, education and learning or finding work. In BISA Early Years, large amounts of time are spent developing children's early speech and language skills.

In Creche class, our littlest learners spend time every day taking part in 'Chatter Box' Time. Led by an adult, the children chat in small groups about the subject of the day, with a key focus being the development of their communication skills.The first three years of life are recognised as the most intensive period for acquiring speech and language skills. These early years need to be filled with experiences of sound and language. Language skills are known to develop more readily in environments with lots of sound, sights and consistent exposure to speech and language of others. There are times within the early years where exposure to language and sound is received more readily by the brain in babies and young children and this time needs to be optimised to help them develop.

Fun fact: The average four-year-old will reportedly have a understanding of vocabulary of 8,000 words and an expressive vocabulary of 2,300 words. By the age of seven they should typically be able to recognise and use around 10,000 words.