Sergeant Major Wallace takes Year 6 through their paces!

A report from the Year 6 Overnight Camp:

Sergeant Major Wallace took Y6 through their paces, setting up and dismantling tents ably assisted by Quarter Master Frederick  

  • 16.00 hours, the baggage train of mattresses and tents proceeded to the top field to pitch camp.
  • 16.05: Troops assembled for briefing. 
  • 16.08: Roll call.
  • 16.10: The first tents were laid out by the squaddies.
  • 16.12: Poles erected (in order)…black, yellow, black.
  • 16.20: Canvas tensioned (able Nathan commissioned).
  • 16.45: The tents were inspected by the quarter master for any illegal supplies and ordinance. 
  • 17.00: Troops dismissed.

Following dismissal there was time off for R & R in the pool, & officers’ mess (courtesy of Bravo pizzas), night fire, stories & marshmallows. The following morning after the reverse proceedings, the tired troops departed having survived the ordeal and live to tell the tale.

We look forward to further manoeuvers at Fish Eagle Point!