BISA Positive Parenting Workshops - A Parent's Perspective

BISA's termly Positive Parenting workshops cover a range of topics over a wide scope of ages to help keep parents informed of issues that might arise with their children and provide a toolkit for supporting their children positively through different circumstances.

A parent recently got in touch to give feedback on her own experiences of the workshops and their impact on her own family.

"I thought of writing this little note to parents who are missing out on the most interactive and informative positive parenting workshops which I have been attending for the past three/ four years at BISA, conducted by Miss Yvonne Chingombe.
I try my best not to miss the workshops because Miss Chingombe prepares them so well and covers the most important areas in the subject set for that particular workshop.
Miss Chingombe, from your workshop, it has given me a better insight into my child. It helps me ease the transitions into all stages of my child’s life so that I’m aware of what to expect and how to handle my child in a positive approach at all stages.
Last weeks workshop for example was on “Body Image”. It covered all areas widely and from that evening I started putting into practice what I had gathered from the workshop. To my surprise it has been two weeks now and I won the battle in no time which I was struggling for the past one year. Parents who attended confided the problems they were facing and their concerns, solutions were discussed openly and I’m sure helped all the parents.
Just listening to these productive workshop, I personally have learned a lot, and it has changed the way I understand my child and be able to deal with challenging situations easily with positive outcomes. Lastly, I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to attend these fruitful workshops." - Parita Rajul Shar, BISA Parent