Introducing our new Prefects!

"On 11th January 2018, BISA's newly appointed prefect team went to Tembo club and underwent prefect training.

The day was mainly composed of fun team building tasks and activities to enhance our team work.

It was also a wonderful enjoyable opportunity to familiarise ourselves with one another and get to know each other a little more.We learned the value of making decisions as one and highlighting the importance of clear and smooth communication which is vital. Communication and team work turns a group of random individuals into a team." - Marvin Onwukwe (Head Boy)

Prefect Body 2018:

Marvin Onwukwe- Head Boy
Ttanya Sachdev- Head Girl

Nicole Kombe- Deputy Head Girl and Academic Mentor
Safari Mosha- Deputy Head Boy and Academic Prefect

Kauther Ali- Student Council President
Remo Kwadi- Student Council Vice President and Transition Prefect for Sixth Form

Gabby Doria- Assisting Media Prefect
Josephine Kiaga- Media Prefect
Alistair Sissingh- Transition Prefect for KS2/KS3
Enzo Zikuliza- Transition Prefect for KS3/KS4
Sasha Pandit- Emotional Prefect KS3/KS4
Tania Frisby- Emotional Prefect KS4/KS5
Samike Masonga- Publicity Prefect
Parleen Bansal- Music Prefect
Kaltuma Majid- Boarding Prefect
Richard Kayola- Boarding Prefect
Niamh Baker- Environmental Prefect
Joshua Keene- Sports Prefect
Angel Karegyesa- Sports Prefect