FS1 investigate the tiny world of Minibeasts

The children in FS1 at the Infant School have been discovering the tiny world of minibeasts. Through stories like 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', 'The Very Busy Spider', and 'The Very Lazy Ladybird', they have learned about their lifecycles, how they survive and thrive, and how they help keep the world spinning round.

They have enjoyed exploring the ever-growing garden at the Infants and discovering what little creatures have already made it their home. Using their 'bug catchers', they have adventured through the garden every day. They have found centipedes, grasshoppers, beetles, spiders and even a tiny frog, which brought much excitement to the classroom. 

Upon finding the frog, they created a little environment for him to live in and watched him with fascination.

They created a 'Bug Research Lab' in their classroom where they have been able to look at creatures under the magnifying glass, noticing their patterns, how many legs they have, and how they move and eat.

After investigating their tiny creatures, they are always ready to go and release the bugs back out into the garden.

We have a bunch of little scientists in the making!