14th March is Pi Day

March 14th is International Pi day and our secondary students had fun exploring this iconic number.
Students from year 7, 8 and 9 played a number of games about Pi. They played dingbats where they formed fun English words starting, ending or with the word Pi in it. Year 7 and 9 explored the ideas that lead to the discovers of the Pi number during the Babylonians and the Egyptians in the 4000 years BC.
Year 8 also had a chance to play a Pi number word search and obtaining the answers from the Pi numbers.They had to work in pairs perform simple arithmetic problems in each question.
The climax of all the activities was the memorisation of the Pi number. All the students had a chance to show their power of retention of the Pi numbers. Year 8's  were partiularly impressive in their ability to memorise many digits of the Pi number.

Our winners were:
Year 8 , Salma Ali -122 digits
Year 9, Manase Mawipopo- 96 digits

Year 7, Ian Rulinda - 28 digits