Rwanda Cultural Trip

A group of our Primary French students journeyed to Rwanda over the holidays. Enjoy the report from Madam Tiana!

“Les voyages forment la jeunesse” as the saying goes in French. Indeed travelling makes one grow and it surely applies to the Rwanda Cultural Trip. It was packed with new experiences and adventures.

History came to life when visiting the Royal Palace Museum in Nyanza and the gardens of the Kigali Memorial Museum. To be a pedestrian walking on actual sidewalks, crossing streets only at pedestrian crossings, not a single piece of trash to be seeing on the way, we heard about it all but it was really amazing to see it with our own eyes. Travelling around was very easy although the speed limitation at 40km per hour challenged our patience at times. It was amazing to visit the first East African solar plant in Rwamagana. We enjoyed the landscapes at Lake Muhazi as well as swimming amongst freshwater snails! In Bugesera hill we could relax while playing table football and taking a walk on a floating bridge made out of grass and bulrushes.

We spent the last afternoon with a group of students from Ecole Internationale de Kigali at KPL (Kigali Public Library).They spoke fluent French, English, Kinyarwanda and knew some Kiswahili! We read books, listened to a story and played video games together. We were not ready to come back, that says it all!"