Secondary Interhouse Cross Country

Report by Angel Karegyesa

"Wednesday 13th June 2018 BISA held its annual Secondary Interhouse Cross Country. The sun was out and the mud had dried. The courses were all in good conditions for our athletes to tackle. With incredible performances from all four house teams. Kilimanjaro placing first, runners up Meru, third place Mawenzi and fourth Lengai.

Starting with our hardest course (Red course), our Year 10s and 12s ran this 5km course successfully. With Micah coming 1st in the boy’s race, Marvin 2nd and Kiasile 3rd , all running incredible times. Also, an equally captivating performance from the girls, with Niamh placing 1st , Waitta came 2nd and 3rd place for Robyn.

Going onto the Yellow course which our Year 8s and 9s participated in. With Pendo sweeping in 1st place for the girls, 2nd Stella and Janaina coming 3rd . Alongside an extremely strong finish from our top three boys in the Yellow course, Aleeke narrowly placing 1st , 2nd place was Finlay and a sturdy 3rd finish from Oscar.

Finally, our year 7s tackled the White course. With an outstanding performance from Yasmina coming comfortably 1st , 2nd place Bridgette and Natalia came 3rd. As well as an incredible performance from the boys with and exciting race for 1st place between Clinton and Yuri, both battling it out until the last stretch. Yuri just nicked 1st place, Clinton coming in
2nd, and Antonio 3rd.