Annual Rotary Triathlon

On Saturday, the 9th of September 2018, The Rotary Club Arusha organised a triathlon at ISM (Arusha Campus). Everyone from 8 year-olds to 50 year-olds attended and competed. The competitors arrived at 7:30 am, giving themselves half an hour to prepare before the competition began. The first to compete where the 8 year-olds teams, who astoundingly had to complete a lap in the pool, a lap around the ISM grounds on bike and then on foot, as fast as they could. Many of the parents supported their children by running alongside them, guiding them on the track and providing them with moral support.

Like clockwork, while the younger groups completed their races the older competitors began to race in their teams. Each of them completed 20 laps in the pool, cycled 15km around the ISM property and then ran 5 km. Positivity was in the air as the family feel and competitive spirit was prominent. Everyone was cheered on and encouraged to continue no matter their place or status as a competitor. One notable sports woman was our own Niamh Baker who, after she finished swimming her twenty laps helped a struggling competitor finish their own laps. – Report by Charis Pulei

Mr Wallace was once again our roving reporting athlete at the annual Rotary Triathlon. Enjoy his report from the day!

"A spectacular event for BISA! We were well represented across the age groups except under 8s who were enjoying themselves at the Welcome Picnic on the other side of town! 

Amongst our many competitors, some special mentions must be made. Our admiration goes out to Sumeiya Ali who nobly and doggedly represented BISA amateur ladies despite little previous experience of swimming, cycling or running. Well done also to Emmanuel, Maleah and Leon who came second in the under 13s category. Another big well done goes to Yuri, Clinton and Niamh who came first in the Open Amateur category. We are also very proud of Finlay and Antonio who came first and second in the Open Individual category.

We can only assume after such success that our students will be competing in the elite category next year! :)

A hearty “Well done old chap,” also goes to Mr Wallace who managed to win the geriatrics category by not getting lost like the others.

We are looking forward to the next triathlon at Kennedy House in June. Time to get training! "