Deep Learning Projects

In Year 7 and 8, we have introduced Deep Learning Projects to encourage independent learning. Last week Year 7s and 8s did a cross curricular project on aliens entitled 'Are We Alone?'. The standard of some of the work was incredible, as you can see from the pictures. 

What are Deep Learning Projects?

  • A Deep Learning Project (or DLP) is a project completed at home where the student will gain more ownership and pride of their work and will learn to be an independent learner.
  • It is primarily research based and should encourage key skills in independence, analysis and evaluation, building upon skills and understanding learnt within class time.
  • They should primarily involve open questions or problem solve or develop their own opinion in order to reach higher order thinking. 
  • Some of these projects will be subject based, set by that department to allow for deeper independent learning within the subject.
  • Other projects will be cross curricular or about the wider world to teach the students the ability to use transferable skills and gain wider general knowledge. 
  • Each project will consist of 5 main tasks which should take around 30 minutes to complete. The five main tasks should be:
  1. A research task: This encourages independent investigation. It allows the students to research through using the library books, internet, documentaries, people around them through interviews and surveys, explore the world around them through photographs, drawings etc. The research is NOT provided for them through worksheets etc.
  2. An analysis task: This task should encourage the students to analyse their research to develop an argument or opinion and draw connections.
  3. A practical task: This should allow the students to apply their knowledge and understanding. It may be a science experiment, drawing, drama piece, creative writing or baking etc.
  4. An evaluation task:  This task should allow the students to synthesise knowledge, producing solutions, conclusions and evaluations, e.g a design for a healthy meal, a song about bullying, etc.
  5. A Presentation task: The students will need to display their work, this which will encourage effective presentation and pride of the work.