Mini-Entrepreneurs In Year 5

"Year 5B had an amazing time pitching their products to the Shark Tank JUDGES! The judges were Mrs Baker (Head of Primary), Mr Mokua (Head of Business in Secondary), Mrs Peterson (Music Teacher),  Madam Tiana (French Teacher) and Ttanya (BTEC student) and we pitched our products in the old Year 4 classroom.
Everyone was shaking, they were very nervous and they wanted to know who the judges were. Mrs Bell (Year 5B teacher) had left the class and a few minutes later we heard her say, “Good morning judges, have a seat,” Everyone including me froze. Our spines arched and 1 or 2 took a deep breath. They entered the room and everyone went crazy! “You go first!” One would say. “No you go first!” The other would say. Finally, Miss Bell calmed us all down. She arranged us in an order, The first group that went was three girls; Sylvie, Lara and Martha with the amazing B.O.B or Brilliantly Organized Bag. They had very good results with an investment of donating shoe boxes and glue guns. Followed by them was the mean, green, squashing machine called a bottle crusher, it was an old motorbike part that squashed plastic bottles. It was made by Hussein and Shiven. Their investment was a 100,000 Tsh so they could make more bottle crushers and they promised to pay off the loan to BISA. Following them were three best friends, Miqdad, Moussa and Lein with an invention called the ‘mobile hut’ it is a hut with a counselor so you can share your feelings if you are sad. Their investment was a million tsh for everything. They will pay off the loan to BISA. This one could have been my personal favorite: The pencil pouch. This had an elastic band which you can stretch and put it on you waist, not tight, nor loose. Their investment was 150,000 tsh to buy the materials. The names of the inventors were Faith and Manyika. Next were Secret Stash, who made an amazing profit of 85,000 tsh! The inventors were: Amal, Lila and Tanisi. Finally it was me, as a soloist. I made a reminding device called the FORGET-ME-NOT. I had no investment. Inventors name: Atharv. We had all gotten very good results and we also got some feedback from the judges. Overall it was a very fun (and nervous)
experience!" - Atharv Shinde