Meet the Author - Atharv Shinde!

BISA is delighted to introduce to you our newest, youngest published author - Atharv Shinde, age 9 and one of our Year 5 students!

Atharv's book, titled "The Behemoths : End of Warbringer",  is published and available worldwide on the following websites,,,,,,, as well as on Amazon websites in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Canada and New Zealand.
About the book:
Randy Harper is an ordinary 14 year old, up until he encounters his school bullies. That day his life changes for ever…. Before he can digest this new welcome change, he is burdened with the responsibility of gargantuan proportions. It
demands Randy to do something that he has never dreamt of. Randy has to fight - but not for himself. Despite help and support of friends, this fight is not easy. His enemies are unknown to him and are hiding amongst the people he
interacts with on a daily basis. Tough villains and Superhero teams – step into the incredible adventure of Randy Harper to find out more…
About the Author:
Atharv Shinde hails from Satara, Maharashtra, India. He is presently a Year 5 student at Braeburn International School, Arusha, Tanzania. He is an alumnus of Naval KG School, Colaba, Mumbai and Holy Innocents’ High School, Wellington, Tamilnadu.
Like any nine year old he is a fun loving guy and has varied interests from chocolates and ice-creams to astronomy. He loves playing cricket and rounders. Atharv is an avid reader and loves to pen his thoughts. Through his hobby he aims to inspire and inculcate habit of reading and writing amongst the younger generation.
With World Book Day just around the corner on Thursday 7th March, we invite you all to come and meet the author and hear more about his incredible achievement! Congratulations, Atharv - we are so proud of you!