International Award Training - March 2019

The team consisting of 14 students left the school around 1.30 pm on Friday for the practice journey. The first leg took them from the Arusha airport area all the way round to the A to Z factory and back to school. They walked in three groups. In the evening, the crew underwent training sessions beginning with first aid, followed by camp craft/tents management, map reading/navigation and finally route planning. They also covered observation and reporting skills as well as team building before preparing their own dinner.

Saturday trekking was long and demanding requiring map reading and navigation skills. It was out in the field where bonding and team building skills were put to the test. Students recognised in one another skills and abilities they had not known before as they encouraged one another and pushed themselves to complete the training. Niamh Baker and Brendalisa Karoki proved to be able team leaders who did not disappoint their teams having been elected durinhg the early part of planning. Congratulations to every member of the team for being positive throughout the session despite the challenges they experienced. Well done!!