Volcano Fun in FS1

For the last two weeks, the children in FS1 at the Infant School have been focusing on volcanoes.Here's a report from Mrs Brown:

"We have drawn volcanoes, made volcanoes out of play dough and learnt about our closest volcanoes, Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro, as well as other volcanoes in the world. The children were fascinated that an island in the middle of the ocean was made up of 5 volcanoes and noticed the shadow under water that showed another volcano in the ocean. This inspired us to carry out our own experiment to look at what a volcano would look like as it was erupting.

 We made ‘apple volcanoes' which the children loved! As bubbles came out of the top of the apple, Aboubacrine was quick to say that it looked like the other volcano we had made in class, whilst others in the class used ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ to express their amazement.

 Children and adults both in school and at home have been very impressed by everything FS1 have shared about their learning throughout the last couple of weeks.

Well done FS1!"