DELF Exam registration is complete - a message from the French Department

We completed the registration for the DELF French exam at the end of last term and we are very excited to announce the highest number of candidates ever: 48 students from Year 4 to 8!

We really believe this program benefits the students in many ways.

The IFO estimated that there will be about 700 million French speakers in 2050 and 85% of them will be in Africa. So, with this program, we are opening up a range of opportunities for our students.

The program allows them to qualify with a French level from A1 to B2, equivalent to IGCSE up to the level required to enter a French speaking university. These levels are the same for all European languages and the certificates are internationally recognized. Nice exam experience for our students!

In addition to the obvious advantages of proficiency in another languages, we have seen many other benefits after 5 years of offering this exam.

Students are eager to register and take the exams, taking responsibility for their studies and accepting the challenge and the effort needed to complete it. This program has also proved to boost students’ confidence allowing them to succeed at their own path.

For the first time, we believe all students in Year 6 will leave Primary with a French DELF certificate and in preparation we will be very busy practicing speaking and a wide range of strategies for the written paper.

We hope all students will also be supported at home with the ongoing preparation.

Please remember the exam date: 15th of June.

Again, in a perspective of widening opportunities for our students and the importance of Kiswahili in East Africa,  Mrs Sekemi is in discussion with MSTCDC to start a similar program for the Kiswahili Language. Keep your eyes peeled!

Good luck to all candidates on their preparation and exam!