EYFS Present 'Happy Hat Land' to delighted parents and friends!

Our wonderful EYFS children took to the amphitheatre stage on Saturday 25th May to present 'Happy Hat Land' to an audience of delighted parents and friends.

The FS2 children played the main characters, the people of 'Happy Hat Land', and told the story of the week that unrest came to 'Happy Hat Land' as the people argued over the beautiful silver hat. The friendly Hat Seller comes to their aid, teaching them how to share the hat so everyone gets a turn. The trouble is soon over as the people of 'Happy Hat Land' learn that sharing can be fun!

The children from FS1 entertained as the Hat Land Sparklers, singing and dancing for the audience, and our youngest children from Creche played the tired children who only take their hats off when they jump into bed!

With the children performing ranging from 2 to 5 years of age, it was amazing to see their confidence and hear their voices loud and clear. Well done to all of you!!

To top things off, the audience and children were surprised with a 'flash-mob' dance from the EYFS teachers, which soon had all of the children up on their feet dancing too. What a fun way to end the show!