Year 12 Team Building in Lukenya

From the 13th to 15th May 2019 our Year 12 students participated in team building, leadership and corporate skills training with BlueSky at Lukenya, in Machakos County, Kenya.

On the first day the students took part in a number of ice breakers and team building activities such as Greetings, Spider’s Tag, Bull Ring, Transformers and Human Knot with a Rope. On the following day, they built further on these skills with team building favourites such as No Escape, Knot or Not a Knot and Nuddle Slap. These exercises are very important in showing students how to work together despite frustration and conflict, which may be involved. These activities also help to develop listening skills.

On the final day, the students took part in Challenge by Choice on the high rope activities, which included Pipe Dream and Leap of Faith. These activities are the culmination of the trip; the students have to move out of their comfort zones and conquer their fears. The other group members support by either providing verbal encouragement or actual physical support through ensuring that their classmates are lowered to safety after completing the high ropes task.

A wonderful time had by all!