Year 2 continue building links between our two school sites

"A circle is round, it has no end. That's how long I want to be your friend."

In preparation for joining together as one class in Year 3, the students in Year 2 in Njiro and Kisongo have been building their friendships through collaboration days. Last Wednesday they all gathered at the Infant School for fun and games with Mr Brown, Mr Odhiambo and Miss Logan.

The theme was 'circles of friends' and the children entered into this collaboration day with much enthusiasm and excitement. Beginning their day with PE with Mr O, they were soon working together playing touch rugby and cementing friendships at the same time. With Mr Brown they took part in energetic team games, while Miss Logan helped the students create a large piece of collaborative art based on the circle theme. It was wonderful seeing the children comfortably and happily work together across the two schools.

All in all, a fantastic day with a very excited group of Year 2s!