International Award Gold Expedition

From Saturday 25th May to Tuesday 28th May 2019 our International Award Gold Students took on their expedition trek in the Babati area, South East of Arusha. Here is Mr Asher Sijenyi with all they got up to:

"The group left Kisongo Campus around 8.15am on the Saturday and managed to get to Babati by 10am. We headed straight to the first assignment – a trek to Riroda area of Babati. The next day we trekked to Gallapo, managing to cover 22 km. This was the toughest section of the expedition. On Monday, our journey took us to Kiru valley – the agricultural basket of the region. We managed to cover 25km. Last but not least was Tuesday's assignment - the breath-taking 'Kisima cha mungu'. This is a deep crater which once filled with water and fish but later on dried up leaving a gaping crater. It was fun going down the crater but, trust me, one of the most difficult climbs we had in the whole journey. To use one of the climber’s words after being cajoled to descend – Alfred had this to say: Today I have witnessed one of the most daring trickery played on me by my team mates."

Congratulations to you all on a fantastic expedition!