KS3 Production: The Tempest

Once again, the KS3 Drama Department pulled off a theatrical feat. Anyone who has perused Shakespeare, knows how sophisticated and difficult the language can be. It is always challenging. Nevertheless, KS3 did a fantastic job at learning all their lines and delivering them with passion and determination in their interpretation of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. The play was directed by Ms Miranda Rashid and Ms Emma Morton. It is no easy task to produce a play of this nature with 50 odd children. 

The music was another fantastic achievment. It was self written. Anyone who noticed the orchestra on the side of the stage will agree that is was absolutely brilliant. Conducted by Ms Elle Peterson, the orchestra was in itself a musical triumph. It was impressive to see the children moving between stage and orchestra with discipline and producing concise, beautiful music.

The costumes were stunning too: feathered fairies, pure princesses, pearled royalty, drunkards and evil antagonists. They were designed and created by Barbara Konig. 

Anyone who has been associated  with BISA, for any length of time, knows that our plays are not to be missed.