Year 11 Graduation - June 2019

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

And so the time of year swings around when fledglings stretch their wings and fly into the final two years of their education. They cannot do this without a magnificent celebratory ritual which is the Year 11 Graduation. It is a very special and happy ceremony where students, teachers and parents can all collectively celebrate this transition. The celebration also marks the final end of arduous IGCSE examinations.

Ms Diana once again ensured a beautiful sparkling setting, the theme, Memories. The students were barely recognizable; tired uniforms exchanged for glamorous, eye catching attire and adolescence exchanged for a tremulous adulthood. The transition is quite breathtaking to see. We were entertained by BISA’s music students and by some of the Year 11’s. As usual, the entertainment was first class. Teachers delivered amusing and informative speeches on each student. It is quite special to watch each individual standing up there, beautiful, valued and accomplished.

We at BISA are so incredibly proud of this year’s IGCSE class. They have all worked hard and handled the stress of the examinations extremely well. We wish them luck in their next and final stage of school, hoping that most of them will stay at BISA for their last two years of sixth form where there is a unique diversity of courses to take, ranging between A-Level and BTEC subjects.