Here at BISA we believe wholeheartedly in developing all aspects of life for our students and therefore have planned a busy and active P.E schedule.  It is so important to remain physically fit, for obvious reasons, and also to learn a new skill. Students love being part of a team representing our amazing school.

This term, Primary is providing a wide range of fun sports for our students.  These include rounders, football, athletics and swimming.

We believe it important for students to learn to play in team sports such as rounders, where the children get to enjoy playing together. The aim for this term is to improve their bowling, batting and fielding skills, which are vital in competitive match situations. With competitions against other schools coming up soon, the children are showing a winning determination to do their best and to have fun. 


With the help of Coach Anze, the Primary swim team is divided into Team B and Team A. Swim Team B is for our youngest talented swimmers who are still learning the correct strokes. The goal for them is to learn proper strokes and skills (starts and turns). With time they will participate at NTAA inter-school galas.

Team A consists of more able swimmers. They have already mastered all four strokes and are now preparing for swimming galas in Tanzania and abroad. Their first major gala of the season will be Tanzanian National Championships 2019 in Dar-es-Salaam, at the end of October.

In the Secondary school, swim training continues unabated. You will find the swimmers in the early hours of the morning and in the evening, training and preparing themselves for the oncoming season.


One of the most talked about sports of this term is Athletics in both the Secondary and the Primary schools. BISA is known for having excellent athletes in both track and field events. The students have been training after school with Mr. O for events such as javelin, discus and the exciting track events too.

Secondary is also providing a range of sports for this term in which each student is encouraged to participate. These include: netball, basketball (boys and girls), football (boys and girls) and cross fit. With a lot of events happening this term, the students are already showing discipline and determination by showing up for training during their P.E lessons and after school.

With the Sports Festival coming up in Nairobi, Inter-House Athletics and the long awaited Inter-School Athletics, much training is needed. The students will get to show their amazing talent on both track and field events, leaving with a load of medals and making parents and teachers very proud. Fingers crossed, we shall win yet again this year.

After this, the students then get selected to compete in the major athletics competition happening in Kasarani (Home of Heroes) in Nairobi, Kenya. BISA will also compete against other schools in Nairobi.

Wish us luck out in the sports fields and in the swimming pool! We are excited and motivated!