The School Enterprise Challenge 2018

 Here at BISA, we are continuing to encourage our students to join The Young Enterprise Group. This group aims at inspiring students to come up with innovative, ecologically sound business ideas which have a meaningful social impact on our wider community.

This is the second year since we have enrolled our students with The School Enterprise Challenge which is a global organisation which supports learning institutions to conscientise young people to contribute in sustainable and economic ways to the wider community. Their slogan is Teach A Man To Fish. For more information please visit 

The young Enterprise Group is now working towards Silver level after winning 1,000USD for their Bronze level. The group is pursuing a honey processing and selling business as part of their Make a Difference (MAD) project.

The students earlier this year received a donation of natural honey from a friend of the school. They then made some enquires from the science department where they learnt the process of straining honey. Additionally, they have shown marketing skills such as research, promotion, personal selling and customer service.

The students are also involved in packaging and branding the honey. Take a look at the label and seal designed by John Gogadi!

Currently the group has embarked on selling honey in school to members of staff and students. The proceeds will go towards buying fruit trees for Canaan Children Centre in Kisongo. You can place your order through our email address:

We were thrilled to receive the newsletter from The School Enterprise Challenge, featuring our students who are in the Make A Difference Project selling natural honey.


In this newsletter we’re sharing some of the biggest achievements from Tanzanian schools taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge 2019. We invite you to read them and take inspiration for the rest of your journey! 



This month we’re highlighting 2 schools in Tanzania who have caught our eye recently. Check out the highlights of what they have been up to! 



Ikondo Secondary School,


·  Taking part on the Bronze Level

·  28 students involved 

·  Poultry farm called ‘Eggs $ Chicken’

·  Plan to use their profits to buy laptops



Braeburn International School,


·  Taking part on the Silver Level

·  9 students involved

·  Honey business called ‘Make A Difference’

·  Packaging for product will be 100% recycled