Water Water Water

What with climate change and global warming, clean water is fast becoming a rare and much coveted resource. Living in Tanzania, one is very aware of the luxury of good, clean tap water. Watering your lawn seems a thing of the past. Harvesting water from the rains, which are becoming less and less predictable, is highly recommended and practised. Unfortunately, for the more marginalised of our communities, some people have no access to water. Women have to walk miles and miles a day to collect water for the house, never mind the livestock. 

Here at BISA, we have created a wetland from all our grey water, which we have been using to water our playing fields. We have also constructed a small dam at the bottom of the playing fields which is a great catchment area when the rains arrive. We encourage all our students to be water conscious and not leave taps running. Many of our taps on campus are timed and automatically switch off. We have also declared our campuses plastic bottle free areas and have introduced our new reuseable water bottles for staff, students and BISA fans. If you don't have yours, please enquire at the front office. 

With all this in mind, take a look at this article in the BBC called The Artistic Paradox of Ethopia's Water Woes. Let us be grateful for the water we have access to.

"...Renowned Ethiopian artist Aida Muluneh has taken a series of striking images to depict the harsh life of many women in rural areas - especially their daily efforts to obtain clean water for their families."