It is important to remember that the subject of drama is not solely about creating actors, directors and theatre makers but rather socially aware young people who can engage with a rapidly changing world. It transcends all subjects, instilling skills that are essential for many jobs and walks of life. 

Because drama isn’t very content-heavy and you don’t learn a lot of facts, it has a reputation as being easy and not particularly useful. However, it is practical subjects like drama that allow you to develop hugely valuable skills which you will continue to use throughout your life, in and out of work. It builds creativity, confidence, communication skills, compassion and critical thinking. It helps build flexible, adaptable and forward thinking young people who are able to effortlessly respond to a world that is changing.

The productions that BISA produce from primary, KS3 production to the full secondary school play that tours to Nairobi, Arusha and Dar es Salaam are spectacular, as any of you who have seen them will attest. I always love to see how students' confidence, sense of self-discipline and ability to work as a team are boosted so dramatically over the course of the few months it takes to put on a play. And this, of course, has huge implications across all subjects.

Rehearsals for this year’s full secondary production of Macbeth are underway and auditions for the primary production are next week. Full steam ahead! Watch this space!