Busy Bees Beading Club

African Beading Club is a real hit with Key Stage 1. It has become a Busy Bees Beading Club. It is fun and really enjoyable for all the children. Once they join, they never want to leave. Beading, for Miss Sekemi, is a real passion.


She says, “ After a long week, beading is a passion of mine before the week end. Because I love it so much, the children learn to enjoy it too. They say, ‘Oh Miss Sekemi, we can’t do this. The beads are too small!’

But by the end of a beading session, they have gained confidence and courage. Beading really improves their co-ordination and encourages them to think creatively.

They make beautiful necklaces for their mamas and their babas. It is truly a wonderful job.

It is an activity I always look forward to. It gives me great joy to see the children being so creative.”


Well done Ms Sekemi and KS1! We look forward to seeing some more of these gorgeous creations.