Year 12 On The High Wire!

The Year 12 students took part in a 5-day team building trip to Lukenya with Blue Sky Adventures. They participated in many fun activities which were designed to improve the students' listening skills and their ability to work as a team.

It was great to see these skills develop over the duration of the course. Some of the students are obviously natural leaders but it was good to see that they had the maturity to also take a back seat sometimes and give other students the opportunity to shine.

After the initial team building training, their skills were put to the test with some high rope activities, which involved students placing their trust in their team mates who were holding onto ropes in order to catch them or bring them down to earth.

Some of these activities were very scary as you can see from the photos! It was very pleasing to see the students encouraging each other to overcome their fears.

Mr Walton would like to say a thank you to Enid who coaxed him to the end of one of the activities after he had wanted to give up when he was shaking with fear holding onto some ropes 30 feet in the air!