Zip Lining!

On the 10th of October, the Year 11’s left BISA very excited and hopeful. For most of them this was going to be their first visit to Migombani. But more exciting was the fact that they were going to spend time with each other away from their families and the repetitious school days.

The breath-taking view of Manyara, the green grass of Migombani camp, the expansive star-filled skies were what they needed to relax as they brainstormed on their study-skills and other ways to improve their performance in the upcoming mocks and final exams in April next year.

The zip line adventure remains the highlight of their trip. They left the camp on day two of the trip and walked all the way to Mto wa Mbu, a market centre in Manyara, where the Zip line Adventure offices are located. From there, they were ferried to the zip line location in rickshaws. The students couldn’t have enough of this thrilling activity and in the end we had to cut them short and go back to the camp site for our meals.

They arrived back to school on Saturday evening, tired but happy as this is their only class trip this year.