A Day In The Life Of BISA Secondary...

Last week we filled you all in on the amazing sports achievements our wonderful students have accomplished.

This week, we thought we’d take you into school and share with you the diversity of learning which takes place….How our days roll behind those blue school gates- our school snow globe...

Classes at BISA are never dull. Learning is innovative and inclusive. Students are encouraged to be independent learners and to learn to take responsibility for their progress and learning. There is a range of approaches to learning and this is so obvious when you take a tour of the classrooms. The BISA Campus is active and varied. There is a real hum of activity and such a wonderful positive atmosphere. BISA is a gem of a school, a real family - hence our old students who have left, always come home to visit us! 

Mornings kick off with registration. This consists of checking planners, talking about any issues anyone might be having or confirming events of the coming week. What is particularly special about mornings in KS3 are the Music Keys sessions.

Everyone goes straight to Ms Noela’s music room and has time practising on their instruments. 

We all know the cerebral benefits of playing music.

It is quite joyful to watch the students completely absorbed in their music.

Much of this happens under the creative and sharp musical eye of Ms Noela, an exceptional music teacher. 

It is really a wonderful way to start your day at school.

In English, students are encouraged to work in groups to exchange ideas, formulate them and develop confidence in their own expression and thoughts.

Of course, there is individual focused work too. 

Some of the classes, like history A Level, are small, intense and inspiring.

Just up the corridor, a chemistry class bubbles with experiments. Everyone certainly looks like they know what they are doing!?

Mr Ben keeps a check on what's going on...

Next door, biology lessons are in full swing. It is reassuring to see assistance being given to students should they need it.

The classroom is beautifully laid out...!

The art classroom is one of the most favourite classrooms. 

Ms Morton insures it oozes freedom of expression, colour and inspiration...

You are likely to find the BTEC art students in there every spare minute of their day...

As you wander around the corridors, wafts of delicious food attract you to the food room where cooking classes take place. These are also some of the most popular classes which combine practical and theoretical elements into the lessons. 

The cooking classroom is really well equipped. Learning to cook and manage a kitchen is a seriously important skill in life after school.

If you're lucky, you will get to sample some of the delicious food produced by our seriously capable cooks!

Everyone loves break time. One of the most popular 'hang out' places is the table tennis courts. Students dash out of classes to be the first to grab a bat and a ball...

Mr Mokua (may he RIP) still dominates the area by the beautiful tribute to him on the wall next to the courts.

The tuck shop is also a popular destination at break times. You can even buy a BISA water bottle there as we are a plastic bottle free zone.

As the bell goes, students head back to classes. Maths classes are bright and innovative.

Key terms are clear and on display.

It's a good thing that most people know what's going on...

...And are hard at work finding the right answers...

Students are, meanwhile, rehearsing for the upcoming play, Macbeth, down in the drama classroom. It is dark so it is difficult to capture all the activties on camera. Ms Rashid is a brilliant hands on teacher. Everyone is very excited for the next BISA production which will undoubtedly live up to the high standards we are used to. 

Teachers all need a break in between all this busyness...And the staff room is where they head to for a well deserved coffee in personally labelled coffee cups, which are deeply coveted...

As in any school, the library is a refuge of peace and quiet where students can complete their work, read and research without being disturbed.

The air conditioned library is full of light and the high walls are decorated with students' original art work.

Our librarian runs a tight ship, processing all the books and keeping everything in order.

If you wander onto the hard court, you will notice this is really where the heart of BISA lies. 

It is a place where friends gather to catch up, play some hoops and kick a football around. 

At this time of year, the student run Inter House football matches are taking place. These are highly contested!

And well supported by everyone...

...including our much loved staff members.

We hope that this little tour shows what a happy and productive place BISA is.