And so another amazing BISA Bonfire night has dazzled us and gone by. It was a great success. We are so thankful for the support the community gives us. We were so happy to see such a diverse and happy crowd. Luckily the rains held off for the night and we were blessed with clear star speckled skies, with a most beautiful crescent moon. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

The stalls were wonderful and varied and the children all had a lot of fun from nail painting... Roll The Coin...

The games were fun and everyone had a go.

The food stalls were well supported and everyone loved the shopping too!

One of the hightlights and main attractions is always the BTEC performances. They were particularly good this year with a lively and professional performance by our very own BTEC band. We also had a fashion show by the BTEC students. 

But of course, what the crowds really came for were the incredible fireworks. They were simply out of this world. They just kept coming. And lit up the Kisongo sky for miles around, bringing magic and joy to the world around us. The photographs of fireworks (or the moon) never quite do them justice. You've got to be there to live the magic.

Thank you Arusha for coming! See you next year!