Conservation Awareness in Year 6

Honeyguide and Tanapa visited Year 6 to raise conservation awareness.


To help us put together the special conservation message as part of 'The Circle of Life, we had several guest speakers come and tell us about all the amazing projects that are happening on our doorstep.


Our first guest speaker was Danny from Honeyguide. Honeyguide developed a Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) Toolkit that uses a sequential order of methods to prevent crop destruction. The objective of the HEC Toolkit is to cause elephants, over time, to react to some of the less confrontational deterrents, such as spotlights, chili fences, and bullhorns, thus decreasing the frequency of times needed to use more expensive and intrusive techniques and also enabling community volunteers to increasingly prevent human-wildlife conflicts themselves.


Philbert Ngoti, the National Rhino Coordinator from Tanapa,  came to share some interesting facts about this history of Rhinos in Tanzania. The best news of all is that they are again on the rise. Philbert was one of the lucky ones that got to travel with the Rhinos from SA. He shared some great footage with us.


It was so enlightening to learn about all this exciting initiatives and to be reminded that we all play a part in saving our planet!