If anyone saw the Primary production of The Circle of Life, you cannot help but agree that it was a complete triumph for the school.

It was a real work of art and beautifully produced! One could say it was the best play to date, by far. To include every single student in the play, costume each child with such intricate detail, choreograph the dances and songs, never mind getting everyone to learn all their words, takes dedication and hard work. It was an absolute joy to watch for young and old.

It was also evident what fun all the children were having out on stage. There was some excellent and convincing acting too. This kind of production really instills confidence in young people and gives them something to be really proud of. 

It was remarkable to see how each and every animal was represented in such stunningly creative ways:

The stampeding Wildebeest...

The Elephant:

The Wild Dog:

Having all these threatened species marching onto stage and imparting really important information to our young audience, was very effective too.

The costumes were outstanding.

Well done BISA Primary. This was nothing but a triumph. We look forward to the next production. This one will be hard to beat!