Alumni - The Braeburn Alumni Tuition Fee Fund

Education has a way of opening up the minds and the hearts of people; people who eventually shape the direction the world is taking. This is what we, Braeburn Schools, strive to achieve in all our endeavors. Over the years, we have observed and experienced the importance of believing in the dreams of our young ones. By giving half a chance to a young person and by cultivating an environment where that young person is mentored, taught and encouraged to be the best that he or she can be, we partake in the process of shaping the future of the world, as we know it. Our passion for education is rekindled with each new student, as that is an opportunity to celebrate what could potentially be the next president, business magnate or sports icon. 

We, however, acknowledge that each journey comes with its own upheavals. Notwithstanding that, many of our alumni have gone on with their undergraduate studies seamlessly, some are faced with the challenges of tuition fees and thus find it hard to go on with the pursuance of education.

Two of our alumni, Philipo Simon Mollel and Joseph Samwel Kaaya went on after graduating from our school in Arusha to be students at the African Leadership University(ALU) in Mauritius, which has been dubbed by CNN as the Harvard of Africa. Upon being admitted to the ALU, they couldn't afford their tuition fee. The entire Braeburn community including students, parents, friends, teachers, and even workers came together to raise funds and invest in these young individuals who proved to be influential, impactful and passionate about learning and growth. However, this is not enough to support their education and therefore we are requesting any form of support from everywhere around the world to give them a chance at acquiring a world-class college education.  

Please visit our You Caring page to find out more about how you can support our talented BISA Alumni in their studies: