The Latest from the U19s Football Season...

BISA vs Jaffrey - report from Mr Wheatley

"Braeburn's first half was a half to forget! A distinct lack of energy and an obvious lack of intensity characterised our first half performance. Jaffery were extremely unfortunate not to score at least two goals, with Kunashe pulling off several important saves. We were extremely fortunate to finish the half with the score still at 2-1.

The second half was certainly a brighter, more energetic affair. As the game became increasingly open though, legs tired and chances became more frequent. Jaffery were the first to capitalise, however, with a neat finish from their impressive midfielder. They soon made it a quick fire double, with some poor marking allowing Jaffery's winger an opportunity to square the ball, which took an unfortunate deflection off Junior to find the back of our net. Braeburn did manage to rally, however, and after some neat play by Ndwiga and Jackson down the left wing Jasraj finished superbly beneath the goalkeeper. This, in many ways, zapped Braeburn's energy and we were unable to capitalise on this momentum. The game, unfortunately, petered out at 2-1."
We move on to our next game!

Chatterbox Time in Creche

The ability to listen, understand, and communicate is vital in order to function in society, whether through building relationships, education and learning or finding work. In BISA Early Years, large amounts of time are spent developing children's early speech and language skills.

In Creche class, our littlest learners spend time every day taking part in 'Chatter Box' Time. Led by an adult, the children chat in small groups about the subject of the day, with a key focus being the development of their communication skills.The first three years of life are recognised as the most intensive period for acquiring speech and language skills. These early years need to be filled with experiences of sound and language. Language skills are known to develop more readily in environments with lots of sound, sights and consistent exposure to speech and language of others. There are times within the early years where exposure to language and sound is received more readily by the brain in babies and young children and this time needs to be optimised to help them develop.

Fun fact: The average four-year-old will reportedly have a understanding of vocabulary of 8,000 words and an expressive vocabulary of 2,300 words. By the age of seven they should typically be able to recognise and use around 10,000 words.

Year 8s explore African Kingdoms in History

Year 8s concluded their historical enquiry into pre-1900 African Kingdoms this week, by performing griots associated with the history that they have learnt this term. Among the topics performed were Mansa Musa, Queen Nzinga, the Golden Rhino at Mapungubwe and Leopold II. 

Y8s have had an excellent start to the year. Well done.

Year 5 have fun with India Day

On Wednesday 11th October, Year 5 had fun with their very own India day. Everyone got to dress up in their Indian attire and made the school look colourful and amazing. There were lots of exciting activities like making and eating Indian sweets, creating rangolis using coloured powder, henna drawings, Indian disco and playing pebble games. It was a successful day and a fantastic way to culminate their topic on India.

A very big thank you to Mama Praveen and Mama Vihaan for sharing their expertise on this day with us.

Dragon Award Bronze Expedition

"The 4th of October finally arrived as we departed for our much awaited camping trip. It took 3 hours to get to Simba Farm in West Kili but it sure was worth it! When we got there we talked about a few rules and played temple. We also got to know are tent buddies and of course had lunch. After lunch we organised our tents, went to watch the sunset before dinner and then roasted marshmallows around the camp fire. Mr. B read a nice story it was scary but we loved it! We went into our tents and had talk time for 5 minutes before lights out.

The second day the year 4s woke up really early, like 4:30 am.   We had a big breakfast consisting of uji, pancakes, hot chocolate or tea! It was very yummy.  Then it was the start of the team building activities. We had to spin round and round for 10 counts and then try and kick a football to score a goal. It was very funny to watch. This was followed by bobbing for tomatoes and getting a mentos out of a plate of flour. The photos reveal all. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch again. We had to eat our lunch quickly as the grey clouds were getting nearer. Due to rain we had some time in our tent after lunch brainstorming questions for the quiz.  We ended the day with a nice long walk to stretch our legs and an early evening talent show and disco.

We were lucky enough on day 3 to have a nice sunny morning to go on the waterfall hike. I don’t think we have ever swum in such cold water but boy was it fun! Definitely a highlight of the trip! After another scrummy lunch we started the long journey back home. Thanks to Mr. B and his tunes for making the bus trips so enjoyable. We were rather sad to come back but all good things come to an end! A memorable start to our Dragon awards!"

By Sylvie and Amal  (Year 4)