Bridges, Rafts and Pulleys - A Fantastic Technology Day in Primary {Video}

"Different countries have their own specific national curricula. Yet all seek to develop children and young people’s practical designing and making ability, and their creativity in solving real and relevant problems.

Studying Design and Technology includes the use of a broad range of knowledge, skills, and understanding, and prompts engagement in a wide variety of activities. Pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. Through evaluation of past and present Design and Technology, they develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. "  - The Design and Technology Association

BISA's Primary students took on a big challenge on Tuesday 30th May with Primary Technology Day. Each year group was given the challenge of creating a minature 'safari' track in and around their classroom on which they would race their toy cars. The requirements of the track were that it had to include a bridge, a raft and a pulley system.

The students rose admirably to the challenge!

While the classes were busily designing and building throughout the morning, our Year 6 students were taking on their own challenge of recording and making a vlog of the day for publishing here on our school website.

The children then took part in a dinky safari around the school on Thursday 8th June - more to come on that at a later date!

We'll leave it to them to tell you the rest of the story:

Creche Visit The Fire Station!

What a fun day Creche had when they visited the fire station on Wednesday!

As part of their topic of transport, the children had been keen to see a real fire engine and see all that it holds - and they were not disappointed.

The fire fighters at the station were more than willing to accomodate an intrigued class of two and three year olds and let them sit in the fire engine and climb the ladders. They even showed off their best fire fighting weapon - the fire hose! The children were delighted to see it all in action. 

It's an exciting week all round for Creche as they are also doing their first assembly for their parents on Friday too. We can't wait to hear all about it!

Year 5 Explore Vector Graphics in Computing

This term, both classes in Y5 have been developing their artistic skills whilst learning about Vector graphics in Computing. We asked them for an update...

Vector graphics is the use of polygons to represent images in computer graphics. Vector graphics are based on vectors, which lead through locations called control points or nodes.

We have been using the program INKSCAPE to create and develop our designs. 

Year 5 are really enjoying this creative challenge and so far have been able to :

  • develop an appreciation of the links between geometry and art
  • become familiar with the tools and techniques of a vector graphics package (Inkscape)
  • becoming more critical when evaluating their work and receiving feedback from their peers.

 Our topic began with the classes learning about patterns that tessellate.  We explored a selection of photos of tessellating patterns made from a single shape.  For example: -

We then experimented with creating our own patterns using simple 2-D shapes in Inkscape. 

Vihaan      Praveen    Nathan         Belize

  Once we became more familiar with the simple features of Inkscape, we were introduced to our final task, which is still ongoing.

Our challenge was to use this ‘urban’ design as a guide to create our own colourful art piece.

We have been given a collection of patterned circles to manipulate and create our own composition.

Here are working examples made by Mr. B and Miss Juma so far.

   Mr Brown    Miss Juma

 Unfortunately, you will need to wait until Year 5 display their art work in the Excellence board at the end of this unit to see what they have created.


Inter-House Cross Country

On Friday 19th May our annual Inter-House Cross Country event took place. Here is a run down of the day from our Sports Prefects...

This year, the day began with a fantastic start. The weather was perfect; a sunny day meaning the courses were dry and not as muddy as most of our previous years, but still cloudy enough to get a bit of shade as we ran. The one spot on our red course that was too wet was covered by a ‘lovely’ diversion bridge by Mr. Masudi. The day began with primary running the white course (2.5km), then secondary with the yellow (4km) and red (6km) courses. The participation levels were at their peak this year. It’s a very delightful thing that we do every year because we get to see true sportsmanship when our students participate and support each other as they run. With all this enthusiasm also came the competitive nature of our top athletes. It’s great to see our students really push themselves and achieve their personal bests.

Special Congratulations to:
Yuri Lems - 1st Place KS2 Boys
Cai Lems - 1st Place KS2 Girls
Micah Boye - 1st Place KS3 Boys
Niamh Baker - 1st Place KS3 Girls
Marvin Onwukwe - 1st Place KS4&5 Boys
Tania Lems - 1st Place KS4&5 Girls

A Memorable Music Recital

Last Thursday, the Music Keys Programme students (in Year 4 and Year 5) presented a lovely music recital, showcasing all their hard work over the past year. There were solos, duets and even mini ensembles, displaying their talent on the piano, guitar, violin and recorder. The Music Mentors from Secondary were also able to show their support and watch their students perform. They were able to see how their effort every morning has helped the Year 4 and Year 5 students get to where they are today. The Music Department is proud of everyone involved in the Music Keys Programme and are excited to have incoming Year 4 students join the programme next academic year! 

Here is what some of our students and mentors say about their Music Keys experience:

“I like the Music Keys Programme because it is fun and it gives me joy!” - Priya (Y5)

“I like my Music Mentor because she is patient, funny and a good pianist!" - Amos (Y5)

“My Music Mentor gives up a lot of her time to teach me. She is really kind.” - Daisy (Y5)

 “I enjoy playing my guitar with the other students. It makes me feel super happy!” -Belize (Y5)

“When I play the piano, it takes me to my ‘peaceful place’it makes me feel relaxed and confident.” - James (Y5)

 “I have enjoyed being a Music Mentor because I have been able to form special relationships with the primary students I teach.” - Ivy (Y8)

 “Being a Music Mentor has helped me take more responsibility.” - Vaidehi (Y8)

“I never knew how to play the guitar before The Music Keys Programme. Now I am learning lots of new songs!” -Raj (Y4)

“I play the piano when I am sad and it makes me feel better.” - Mark (Y4)

“Being a Music Mentor has taught me how to adapt different teaching techniques to different students’ learning styles." - Elsa (Y12)

“I feel like I have learnt a new skill -- teaching! I better know how to teach music and be patient with others.” - Parleen (Y10)