Collaboration Day in FS2 and Year 1

Last Friday our FS2 children were invited to join Year 1 for a Collaboration Day. As part of BISA's commitment to effective and smooth transitions between Key Stages, this formed another part of preparing our students for the upcoming changes.

We asked our FS2 teacher, Mrs Brown, how the day went:

"Collaboration Day was a huge success with the children being split into mixed aged groups. We carried out a series of senses activities where the children got the opportunity to use each of their senses independently. These activities included being blindfolded then using their sense of smell to help them guess what it was, and listening to each other and creating sounds for each other on voice recorders. A lot of fun was had throughout the morning. The day was rounded off with creating Mother's Day gifts where children iced biscuits, made baskets and cards altogether. Thank you so much Year 1 for having us!" - Mrs Brown

With only 7 weeks left of this academic year, preparing our youngest students for their next stage is vital. Over the coming weeks they will be doing even more activities and visits to help them understand and feel ready and confident. This includes meeting their new teacher during transition morning in June. If you, as parent, need any advice on how to support your child during this time, please do not hesitate to speak with your child's teacher.

The BISA Web-Series

Did you know that BISA has it's very own web-series?

Our BTEC Creative Media Production students have been running their very own web-series that is published on YouTube on a regular basis, keeping people up to date with some more of the goings on at the school. The YouTube channel is run exclusively by students - all filming, presenting, editing and production is done by our Creative Media students and the subject matter is all about BISA.

So far they have produced 5 episodes with the most recent one being linked below. The rest of the channel can be found here:

Junior Dragon Award - Gold Expedition and Award Evening are just around the corner!

We can hardly believe how the weeks are flying by and that it is now time to organise our camping expedition to Tanga, taking place between 12th and 16th June. It is one of the highlights of Year 6 and something everyone is looking forward to.

The Gold Junior Dragon Award is the most challenging of our awards, with students being expected to spend time and energy inside and outside of school to make themselves and the world just a little bit better. But the best is yet to come!

This year the children will be taking on their expedition challenge at Fish Eagle Point in Tanga. The focus of the week is for the children to be challenged by a week-long residential trip away from home: camping and taking advantage of the coast for a range of sporting and environmental activities, extending their life skills by helping to prepare meals, keeping our campsite organised and clean, and making sure we are happy and healthy whilst we camp.  We look forward to hearing all your stories, Year 6!

In other Junior Dragon news...

We are nearing that exciting time of the year again with The Junior Dragon Award Evening. It shall be taking place on Wednesday, 21st June at The Arusha Coffee Lodge. Mark the date in your calendar, ready to come and hear about the amazing experiences, lessons and adventures of our children, as they worked hard to attain their Skill, Physical, Expedition and Community service elements. Come celebrate with your children their achievement in Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of The Junior Dragon.

Our Junior Swim Team shine at the Inter-Braeburn Swim Meet in Nairobi

Our Junior Swim Team shone at the Inter-Braeburn Swim Meet which took place at Braeburn Gitanga Road, Nairobi, last weekend. Made up of swimmers from Year 2 to Year 7, they competed against the other teams from the Braeburn Group of Schools in a variety of events - and, boy, did they do well! 

While the weather conditions in Nairobi were less than ideal, that did not hamper their spirits and the team went on to win many medals and break Braeburn records in the process!

Here is a word from Coach Rama:

"As we come to the end of our academic swimming calendar, our junior swimmers put in an amazing performance at the annual Inter-Braeburn swimming gala in Nairobi. 5 Braeburn records were broken by Cornelia, Gwen and Ellis. They managed to come home with 6 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals, as well as tons of personal best times. There is a bright future for Braeburn Arusha swimming ahead. Keep up the hard work and commitment!"  

A huge well done and congratulations to all our Junior Swim Team and thank you to the parents for all the support - especially those early morning training sessions!

A Glorious Graduation for our Year 9 Students

It was a beautiful night for our Year 9s last Friday as the celebrated their graduation in style. The completion of Key Stage 3 is a big step and, as they prepare to enter their exam years, it is important for us here at BISA to mark the occasion.

Speeches were read about each graduate, achievement prizes were awarded and all the Year 9s glammed up to enjoy a night especially for them.

Our achievement prize winners were:

Gabrialla Doria, Mussa Lesso and Benedict Mberesero for Drama

Micah Boye and Waitta Teshome for History

Angel Karegyesa for Kiswahili

Wilbert Kapinga for French

Sasha Pandit for English, Music and Science

Jasveen Grewal for Art, Geography, Computing and Mathematics.

Congratulations to you all!