Year 1/2 investigate a colder climate

Year 1/2 were very excited to receive special visitors for the term...

We had to do a lot of research and thinking to see which habitat our visitors had come from. We then had to turn our classroom into their habitat! What creative classrooms we have!

Getting ready for another fantastic Secondary production!

The process of putting on a play is huge. There is the set to think of, lighting, costumes, sound. There is choreography, learning lines, exploring your character. Since September we have been working on all these aspects of the play and now, less than a week away from our performance in Arusha, we are ironing out the last little bits to make this show as professional and inspiring as ever. As part of out BTEC Performing Arts course we have spent a great deal of time investigating the text, discussing how to make it relevant to an African audience, and really exploring the breadth and depth of our characters in order to bring them to life onstage.

Here is a short clip from rehearsals as our lead actors developed their characters.

Early Years Pool Party!

Once a term the families from BISA Early Years are invited to a family event. In this hot term, the EYFS held a pool party to allow parents a chance to use the pool at the Kisongo campus, meet newcomers and share some fun with the wider BISA family. Lots of fun was had by all who attended last Saturday morning!

Thank you to everyone who joined us - we are looking forward to our next event!

Beautiful Poetry from Year 6 on their Taster Day

As part of the Y7 taster days, students explored the art of writing a haiku in English. They went outside to collect words and images to turn into ‘pictures in words’.


Dancing over rocks

Quickly and gracefully

In emerald green suits.

                        By Shreya and Jia-Jia


Papery petals,

Guarded by thorny soldiers,

Flamingo pale pink,

                        By Ellis and Myles

The Cricket

Moves like a slinky

Lurking like a tiny spy

Vanishes quickly

                        By Anayk, Liam and Amar


Sprouting from the grass,

Dusty brown umbrellas grow,

Lonely and ignored.

                        By Jasmine and Tanvi

Aloe Vera

Rough on the outside

A green heart on the inside

Please don’t mess with him.

                        By Cornelia and Yusrah

Dragon Fly

Soft and gentle wings,

Glitter like a butterfly

A lacy diamond.

                        By Priya and Amos

Flamboyant Flower

Dances on the grass,

Red and sparkling with dew drops,

Soft like a tutu.  

                        By Daisy and Matilda

Pink Beauty

Swaying in the wind,

Glittering dew in the sunshine

With its darkened heart.

                        By Vihaan, Nicolas and James

The Tree 

Cupped like wine glasses

Lime green leaves move like water

Tall, smooth and quiet.

                        By Praveen and Harmeet

The Beetle

A tiny black shell

Waddling across the table

A shiny black jewel.

                        By Nathan and Belize


Floating like a balloon,

Colourful patterns glitter

Shining from its dress.

                        By Miriam and Kulthuma