Look out! Here come the Wild Things!

Let the wild rumpus start!

Our Early Years children presented their adaptation of Maurice Sendak's much loved book, 'Where The Wild Things Are' , on Saturday 26th May, and what a wonderful production it was!

For the past half term, the book has been central to their learning in the classroom, reading it daily and getting to know and understand the story of Max, the little boy who runs away and becomes King of the Wild Things only to discover that everything he needs is back at home and where he is loved most of all. Talk to any child in Early Years in BISA and they will be able to tell you the whole story!

On Saturday, dressed in costumes of their own making, they roared their terrible roars as Wild Things to a delighted audience of parents and friends. With the confidence of their performance, it was hard to believe, at times, that these children were all between the age of 2 to 5 years old.

Well done to all of you and thank you to all the parents for being as much a part of our 'Wild Things' term as the children have been!

A Beautiful Music Keys Recital

Our Music Keys programme allows all students in Upper Primary to learn a musical instrument with the help of music mentors from Secondary. They have weekly sessions with their mentors, working together and building their musical skills.

Every year this culminates in a beautiful afternoon of music at our Music Keys Recital.

This took place last Wednesday 23rd May in our amphitheatre in Kisongo.

Our young musicians performed beautifully, showing the skills they had learned and their ever-emerging musical talents.  Performing both individually and in groups, they showed no sign of nerves or stage-fright.

Congratulations to you all!

Inter-Schools Cross Country at Kennedy House

A week after our very muddy inter-house cross country,  it was a very different atmosphere for interschool cross country in Kennedy House. No mud to be seen and even the sun was shining!

BISA students displayed great team work and gave their best in all races. A special mention should go to Lein in Year 4 who, after arriving late, braved his fear and competed in an upper age-group category which he did brilliantly!

BISA came 3rd overall with runners from Year 1 to 8.

Well done to all!

Investigating the Planets

Some of our Secondary students had a wonderful visit to the Planetarium.

Here's a report from students Kauther And Sumeiya Ali:

"It was one of the best experiences we have ever had in the science world. It made us realise that, although we go about our daily activities, there are definitely greater things going on outside our reach. Something other than brunch, parties, universities, colleges, and all that!

There is more to our world than what is within our eyesight. What we loved most about this great show is that we were taken to different atmospheres and saw the different galaxies which made us feel part of the great crew in the adventure.

I would love to do this again. It was awesome and everyone found it hard to ‘get back to the earth’. Most of us took a bit of time to re-adjust to the earthly experience again.

We thank all the staff members that organised the trip. Thank you all!"

FS2/Year 1 Collaboration Day

It's that time of year again! Our FS2 children are preparing to move up to 'big school' and to help them with this big change, they take part in a number of collaboration and transition days.

For our Year 1 children, this change to being in Primary School is fresh in their memory, so we enlist their help as 'big brothers and sisters' for our Early Years children.

Last Thursday all our FS2 children joined Year 1 in a collaboration morning at our Early Years at our Kisongo campus. They spent time with each other doing lots of fun activities both indoors and outdoors while the Early Years children learned a little bit about what it is like in Primary School.

They had a lovely time together and are looking forward to our next collaboration event.