Rwanda Cultural Trip - Documentary

Following up from our report from the Rwanda Cultural Trip, the Primary students who took part have shared their documentary of their incredible experience.

Enjoy their video of their adventures in beautiful Rwanda:

Rounding off the Swimming Season with the Inter-Braeburn Gala

Our super swim team rounded off a fabulous swim season with the annual Inter-Braeburn Swim Gala, held at Braeburn Gitanga Road, Nairobi.

Competing against swimming teams from the wider Braeburn group, our swimmers represented BISA admirably, bringing home a pile of medals in the process. Notable medals included Gold for Cornelia Bulengo, Antonio Smit, Ellis Anderson, Gwen Anderson and Belize Laizer. Our boys and girls relay teams also gained podium positions in both their races, showing excellent teamwork and competitive spirit!

It's been a busy year for our swimmers and they have been rewarded with great results. Well done to all of you and a huge thank you to our coach, Rama Vyombo!

Creature Comforts in Creche

Experiential learning is key to the Early Years and our Creche class at the Infant School have had a lot of fun bringing their most recent topic to life - 'On The Farm'.

Fridays have become 'creature feature' days for the Creche children with visits from various farm animals including chickens and rabbits. How fun!

By bringing these animals to the classroom, the children are building a real sense of how these creatures are cared for and what they look, smell and feel like. The children are building their descriptive vocabulary through talking about the animals as they play with them, and they thoroughly enjoy looking after them for the day.

It doesn't take long for an unsure 3 year old to build up the confidence to touch, pet or hold the creatures, helping them to build an understanding of how to care and show concern and respect for living things. 

I wonder what animal is coming to visit Creche class next week!

International Award - Pre-Expedition Training Trip

Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th March 2018 - "The team consisting of 18 students left the school around 1.00 pm on Friday for the practice journey. The first leg took them from the Arusha airport area all the way round to the A to Z factory and back to school. They walked in four groups. In the evening, the crew underwent training sessions beginning with camp craft, put up their tents, first aid review, map reading/navigation and route planning. They also covered observation and reporting skills and team building before preparing their own dinner. Girls did the cooking and washing both on Friday and Saturday morning while boys did the cooking on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Saturday trekking was long and demanding requiring map reading and navigation skills. It was out in the field where bonding and team building skills were put to the test. Students recognised in one another skills and abilities they had not known before as they encouraged one another and pushed themselves to complete the training. Congratulations to every member of the team for being positive throughout the session despite the challenges you experienced. Well done!! " - Mr Asher Sijenyi - International Award Coordinator