'Matilda' Goes On Tour

It's an exciting two weeks for the BISA Performing Arts students who have taken their production of 'Matilda The Musical' on tour. They left for Nairobi on Friday and, on arrival at Braeburn Garden Estate, were quickly put to work unloading the set and getting into rehearsals.

Based on the famous Roald Dahl book, and with music and lyrics by Australian musician/comedian Tim Minchin, 'Matilda' tell the story of the extraordinary title character and her encounters with the nasty Miss Trunchbull, the delightful Miss Honey as well as a cast of colourful characters in her school and in her home.

This really has been a whole school effort and we can't wait to see you all perform back here in Arusha. See below for all performance dates here in Arusha, in Nairobi and in Dar-Es-Salaam. 

Year 3 discover Stonehenge

Year 3 have been learning about Stonehenge this week and made their own 'Stonehenges' in class!

Taking to the sandy area underneath our Pirate Ship, they build strong structures, securing them with sand and mud, and then testing for how strong the structures were that they had built.

Isn’t it amazing to think how people built all of their buildings like this over one thousand years ago?

EYFS and KS1 Pool Party is a splashing success!

Our EYFS and KS1 families got together on Saturday morning for our annual pool party. The weather was absolutely perfect and lots of families from both our Kisongo and Njiro campuses enjoyed the opportunity to socialise, meet new families and have a good old splash around in the pool.

The sun stayed shining for the entire time and the turnout was fantastic. Thank you to all who came along to make it such a great day!

Creche explore the world of Safari Animals!

Our littlest learners in Creche have been having a fantastic time learning about animals we would find on safari in their newest topic.

They have been dressing up as their favourite creatures, making giant elephants that they can sit on top of, creating beautiful artwork and generally having fun learning about the animals that live right here in Tanzania.

We are lucky to live in a part of the world where these animals are a reality just a few miles away from where the children are discussing them and many of the children have had the opportunity to see these creatures in real life rather than on television or computers. The children love sharing their own experiences of being on safari and, through these discussions and their play, they are building up their communication skills and knowledge and understanding of the world. Plus, they are having a lot of fun doing so!

Year 6 get a taste of things to come!

The Year 6s had a taste of Secondary last week when they came up for two days (17th and 18th of January). Their timetable is always arranged to give them a cross section of what Secondary will be like. They kicked off with an introductory and team building session with Mr. Magambo and Mrs. Stubbs. This session showed them that when working as a team it is not all about winning, but taking other people’s feelings into consideration is important too. These activities also showed how vital perspective and interpretation are. Following this they sampled Mathematics, Science and Art. The next day they experienced sessions of English, History, Cooking, Computing and a final evaluation lesson.

On evaluation the students stated that they loved History- they were spotted on their hands and knees in the classroom looking for clues! Well done, Mr.Wheatley! The students say writing in chalk in Art was a challenging experience.

Ella said, “History was fun and so was Cooking.”

Serena said, “I loved History and ICT.”

Sameer said, “I enjoyed Cooking, Science and team building.”

As you can see the students enjoyed a wide range of lessons. They also really liked being able to buy ice lollies from the Business students. We have more fun in store and welcome to Secondary!