End Of Year Secondary and Primary Prize Giving

It is always with pride, that at the end of the year, we have our academic and sports prize giving in assembly. It is wonderful to see how well our students have done all round. Here at BISA we believe in a diverse range of achievments, not only academic. We also recognize progress and encourage each and every individual to always give of their best.

Within Secondary, it is amazing to see how far we have come in the sporting world. Literally the majority of students were called up to be recognized for their sporting contributions  - putting BISA on the map in the inter schools competitions. We have won the inter school cross country for two years running now, an achievement of which we are hugely proud!

We also reflect on the year that has been, celebrating the mountain climbs up Mt Meru and Kilimanjaro, the achievements of the International Award Students (hiking for 80kms in the hot Babati hills), the KS3 trips to Sagana (white water rafting and rock climbing) and Zanzibar (learning about the fascinating history of our special Tanzanian island and enjoying the paradisical beaches and ocean).

In Primary, our children celebrated by presenting some of their favourite things they had learned over the year. From poetry to traditional dances to a full Roman re-enactment, it was amazing to see the broad spectrum of learning that had taken place over the year in Primary. Prizes were presented for achievement, progress and commitment and effort throughout the year. Some fond farewells were also said to classmates moving away from Arusha and also a big thank you to some members of staff who have made our year so successful.

All in all, it has been another action packed year here at BISA and we all feel very satisfied, happy and proud of all our achievements. 

KS3 Production: The Tempest

Once again, the KS3 Drama Department pulled off a theatrical feat. Anyone who has perused Shakespeare, knows how sophisticated and difficult the language can be. It is always challenging. Nevertheless, KS3 did a fantastic job at learning all their lines and delivering them with passion and determination in their interpretation of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. The play was directed by Ms Miranda Rashid and Ms Emma Morton. It is no easy task to produce a play of this nature with 50 odd children. 

The music was another fantastic achievment. It was self written. Anyone who noticed the orchestra on the side of the stage will agree that is was absolutely brilliant. Conducted by Ms Elle Peterson, the orchestra was in itself a musical triumph. It was impressive to see the children moving between stage and orchestra with discipline and producing concise, beautiful music.

The costumes were stunning too: feathered fairies, pure princesses, pearled royalty, drunkards and evil antagonists. They were designed and created by Barbara Konig. 

Anyone who has been associated  with BISA, for any length of time, knows that our plays are not to be missed.  

Celebrating our amazing students at the Junior Dragon Awards Evening

It has been an exciting year in the Junior Dragon programme and all the effort and success paid off as we celebrated the awards evening at the Arusha Coffee Lodge on Tuesday night.

We had such spectacular performances showcasing all the talent, skills and experiences from the children in the four elements of the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. We appreciate all their hard work and the support from parents and members of staff.

As we look forward to the next academic year, we are getting ready for a bigger and better Dragon which will now continue into KS3.  Bravo!

A Whole Host of French Events!

Last weekend was a busy one for our French department! Have a read below to find out what they were up to.

It was the 37th Music Day in France! This is a major cultural event in France and has been happening every 21st June since 1982. 98% of French people have already attended this event in that time which includes more than 20,000 concerts given by about 5 million musicians or singers for 10 million people in the audience! Wow!

The French Department at BISA thought it was would be wonderful for our students to discover it. Last Friday, we invited Alliance Française to have Music day with Year 4 and 5. In anticipation of this event, Year 4 produced amazing posters. On the day, the students watched a short video of Music Days highlights. They played games in teams to learn name of instruments in French, then they had a quiz with questions on songs by French speaking singers (Stromae, Kids United, Maitre Gims). First Language students completed different activities and could earn more points for their team.

Once again, further than learning French, the students were challenged to work collaboratively and to find strategies in their group using individual skills.

Meanwhile, on Saturday...

The French department held its first poetry event on Saturday, 22nd June, at Infant School.

Year 1 and 2 French speakers presented tasty poems on the theme of sweets and delicacies and performed with pride and eloquence. The event ended with well deserved cookies for the performers and a stronger sense of community amongst the French speaking parents.

Year 13 Blast Off

The Year 13 Graduation was a truly heart warming event. Saying goodbye to students, some of whom have been with us since Early Years, is always hard.  Nevertheless, this year's graduating class managed to make it an uplifting,  impressive and funny experience. Not only has everyone achieved their best academically, Joesphine Kiaga and Ttanya Sachdev were internationally recognized as world best BTEC students in their respectful fields. They are travelling to the UK to accept their BTEC awards in July. We are hugely proud of them for helping to put BISA on the world map.

The Year 13 class also provided top class entertainment through song, dance and giving speeches. There was never a dull moment with this class! 

We wish them all the best for the future and may they burn BISA's torch bright and hopefully return to visit and join the BISA Alumni.