This coming week we welcome two representatives from The Council of International Schools (CIS)who  will be visiting  us from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th November. Mr. Chris Durbin and Ms. Chris Gibbons are educators who will be spending time in both the Njiro and the Kisongo campus, talking with students, staff and parents. 


The purpose of the visit is to continue our international accredited status through demonstrating that the school:


  • is devoted to its mission and vision for students
  • has thought deeply about the services it offers to students, family and community.
  • invests the time and resources for validation from a globally-recognized accreditation authority
  • focuses on the quality of teaching, student learning, as well as student safeguarding and well-being
  • is committed to the development of the students’ global citizenship
  • has a philosophy of education suitable for its students
  • promises only what it can deliver
  • is open to regular evaluation by its own school community and peer evaluators
  • constantly seeks improvement in all areas of the school plans strategically for the future.

The visit culminates in a feedback and training session with staff on Thursday afternoon. As such, school on both campuses will close for students at 12.45pm. An early lunch for all students will be provided. 


We are excited about this opportunity to showcase the school and thank you in advance for your support in helping the week run smoothly. 


For more information regarding CIS and what it means for your family, please visit


And so another amazing BISA Bonfire night has dazzled us and gone by. It was a great success. We are so thankful for the support the community gives us. We were so happy to see such a diverse and happy crowd. Luckily the rains held off for the night and we were blessed with clear star speckled skies, with a most beautiful crescent moon. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

The stalls were wonderful and varied and the children all had a lot of fun from nail painting... Roll The Coin...

The games were fun and everyone had a go.

The food stalls were well supported and everyone loved the shopping too!

One of the hightlights and main attractions is always the BTEC performances. They were particularly good this year with a lively and professional performance by our very own BTEC band. We also had a fashion show by the BTEC students. 

But of course, what the crowds really came for were the incredible fireworks. They were simply out of this world. They just kept coming. And lit up the Kisongo sky for miles around, bringing magic and joy to the world around us. The photographs of fireworks (or the moon) never quite do them justice. You've got to be there to live the magic.

Thank you Arusha for coming! See you next year!


Don't forget it's our famous Bonfire night on 1st November! It's always a great evening out with the family with loads of fun events happening from live music and fun and games!

Tickets are available from BISA campus. 

A New Baby for BISA!

It is with great delight and happiness that we announce the arrival of Ms Elle Peterson's baby boy, Crew! I am sure everyone knows Ms Elle who was so instrumental in setting up our hugely successful Music Keys Programme. Baby Crew is the most beautiful little (big!) boy! We wish Elle, Dean and baby Crew all the happiness in the world. 

Teeny Tots in the Pool!

 FS1 had their first swimming lesson this week! 

There are many great life-long benefits of childhood swimming, and plenty of wonderful reasons to start early.

Research has shown that early swimmers perform better socially and academically, and that swimming from an early age:

  • enhances gross motor skill development and coordination
  • promotes personality development
  • leads to greater happiness, health, and development of the ‘whole’ child.