Carthage Women's Choir and Ibuka delight students at BISA!

Last Wednesday, Year 4, 5 and 6 had the privilege of hearing the Carthage Women’s Choir perform, alongside dancers from Ibuka Dance Foundation. CWC is a university choir coming from Wisconsin, USA.

They are currently touring with Ibuka, all around Tanzania. Our students were in awe of the stunning choreography and beautiful harmonies. It was a lovely showcase of local and international performers.

Preparations are in full swing for 'Matilda' - coming in February 2019!

The Secondary BISA touring production is always an eagerly anticipated event. Following the past few years of incredibly successful productions, we are looking forward to BISA's adaptation of the music 'Matilda'! Here is a word from Mrs Miranda Rashid, one of the production team, on how preparations are going.

"Although we only perform 'Matilda' at the end of January/beginning of February 2019, we start planning almost a year in advance, and rehearsals begin in September. For a musical such as 'Matilda' there are songs to be learned, lines to be perfected, set to be built and dances to be choreographed. Here are a few pictures of the rehearsals so far. Don't miss the actual performance!

Nairobi: 28th and 29th January 2019
Arusha: 31st January and 1st February 2019
Dar es Salaam: 3rd February"

BISA Arts Evening

The Braeburn Arts evening, at Monday 19th November, was a huge success. There were many different performances from our BTEC media, art, dance and drama students. The theme of this performing arts evening was a contrast between happy moments and dark topics, such as Josephine Kiaga's movie about domestic violence, our Art student's stunning drawings and paintings, the Year 10 and 11 Drama performances, a dance performance from our dance BTEC students and a dance from our future dance BTEC students, were all unique in their own way and had their own hidden meanings.  

The nervousness felt by our performers was completely gone once they entered the stage, introduced themselves and started to present their act, and they all stepped up and presented themselves as confident and strong.  Our Year 11 had two self-devised pieces: ‘Choices’, a story about a girl inside her mind and her choice to believe in negative or positive things which tackled many different emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression which lead to suicide, and ‘Malboro’, a story reflecting the struggle about street kids and children running away from their homes in Tanzania. It had a comedically twist on the sadness of their lives. These two pieces were made out of a stimulus, which can be a quote, picture or story heading and was enjoyed by the audience as well as the actors.                                                             

Our BTEC dancers showed us an incredible contemporary dance, which was about not talking life for granted and very strong relationships. It was the last performance of the evening and left a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and did amazingly well. What a wonderful celebration of BISA Arts!

BISA's first ever whole Primary School production - 'Cinderella and Rockerfella'

For the first time, Key Stage 1 and 2 joined together to create 'Cinderella and Rockerfella', a whole Primary Production - and what a success it was!

Telling the reimagined story of Cinderella, the cast of nearly 140 children between the ages of 5 to 11 sang and danced their hearts out to a delighted audience of parents and friends in our packed amphitheatre on Friday 16th November.

Continuing in the BISA Performing Arts tradition, everyone performed with confidence and enthusiasm, enjoying telling the twist on the old classic with audience participation bringing a fun additional element to the event.

A huge congratulations to you all on a wonderful, entertaining performance! Enjoy our highlights video below!

BTEC Performing Arts present 'Hope'

This term the BTEC Performing Arts students have been working on a Theatre in Education unit where we have been developing and producing a Forum Theatre play. Forum Theatre is a type of theatre originally developed by Brazilian practitioner Augusto Boal in the 1960s under the umbrella of 'Theatre of The Oppressed'. The play usually deals with a situation where there is some kind of oppression. The skit is shown twice, and on the second showing the audience ('spect-actors') are allowed to shout 'stop', step forward and take the place of one of the oppressed characters showing how they could change the situation to enable a different, more positive outcome. Several alternatives may be explored by different 'spect-actors'. The other actors remain in characters, improvising their responses. A facilitator (Joker) is necessary to enable communication between the players and the audience. The strategy breaks through the barrier between performers and audience, putting them on an equal footing. It enables participants to try out courses of action which could be applicable to their every day lives. Originally the technique was developed by Boal as a political tool for change, but has been widely adapted for use in educational contexts.

The BTEC Performing Arts students explored many different topics before settling on a play that dealt with issues of stress, harrassment and bullying. Their performance of the play, called 'Hope', on Friday at the KS4 and 5 assembly was a great success, with many members of the audience offering up some very good solutions. As part of the unit, the students also designed posters and support material, samples of which you can see here.