ABRSM Exam Preparation

BISA students are gearing up for their ABRSM music theory exams on 10th October. 

This week our BISA students did their mock exams organised by the school. This will help them gain feedback on how to improve their understanding and improve their overall attainment in their actual exams.

ABRSM’s Music Theory exams aim to give students a thorough understanding of the building blocks of music, starting with the basics of rhythm and notes, and going on to cover harmony and counterpoint, composition, and a broad knowledge of western music, including composers and their works, structure, style and period.

We wish them every success in their exams next month! 

LAMDA Results are in!

A total of 78 students took LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) exams this year. 21 students took part in Acting, 25 participated in the Speaking of Verse and Prose exams and the majority (32) took a Public Speaking exam. These numbers demonstrate an impressive commitment towards communication and are always noted positively by universities when they give offers.

Within the Acting Domain 5 out of 21 students (24% achieved distinctions- 80% and above) and 16 out of 21 achieved a merit (76%). Those students who were awarded medals were Joshua Minja and  Pascaline Kabire, Bronze medal, Grade 6; Remostse Kgwadi and Josephine Kiaga at Grade 7, Silver medal level and Layla Chege at Grade 8, Gold medal.

The Speaking of Verse and Prose contestants were hugely successful and 76% gained a distinction (19 out of 25 students) and 20% gained a merit (5 out of 25). This number has been boosted by the primary students who did remarkably well in this area. Students who performed very well include Robyn Ayling and Angel Karegyesa (Bronze medal, Grade 6). Primary students with sky high percentages included Ella Chege, Gwen Anderson and Lucianna Mberesero.

This year there were a lot of students who participated at a high level in the Public Speaking arena and did impressively well. Overall, 20 out of 32 students in Public Speaking achieved distinctions (63%); 11 out of 32 were awarded merits (34%).

Gold medallists Grade 8: Tamia Bayumi, Dorothy Makaramba, Nicole Kombe , Ttanya Sachdev, Marvin Onwukwe, Safari Mosha, Waitta Teshome, Sasha Pandit and Gabriella Doria.

Bronze medallists Grade 6: Sukirt Kaur, Jasveen Grewal, Niamh Baker, Parleen Bansal and Benedict Mberesero.

Congratulations to our LAMDA students!

KS3 take us to Neverland!

KS3 rounded off an amazing year of BISA productions by taking us on a trip to Neverland on Friday 22nd June. Their performance of 'Wendy and Peter' had all the elements of the classic J.M.Barrie book: the Darling children, a hungry crocodile, the larger than life Captain Hook, the rambunctious Lost Boys, the feisty Tinkerbell and TigerLily and, of course, the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan.

The young Secondary students did a wonderful job of creating the fantasy world of Neverland with their minimalistic set. The production was filled with comedy, music, and some fantastic performances channeling some of famous pirates and lost boys!

By far and away the most exciting element of the production was the aerial antics - making our cast members actually fly. With the help of a large contingent of BISA staff backstage, our young performers literally took to the air throughout the performance.

Well done to all of the students and staff involved in this fantastic performance! Enjoy a highlights reel below:

Look out! Here come the Wild Things!

Let the wild rumpus start!

Our Early Years children presented their adaptation of Maurice Sendak's much loved book, 'Where The Wild Things Are' , on Saturday 26th May, and what a wonderful production it was!

For the past half term, the book has been central to their learning in the classroom, reading it daily and getting to know and understand the story of Max, the little boy who runs away and becomes King of the Wild Things only to discover that everything he needs is back at home and where he is loved most of all. Talk to any child in Early Years in BISA and they will be able to tell you the whole story!

On Saturday, dressed in costumes of their own making, they roared their terrible roars as Wild Things to a delighted audience of parents and friends. With the confidence of their performance, it was hard to believe, at times, that these children were all between the age of 2 to 5 years old.

Well done to all of you and thank you to all the parents for being as much a part of our 'Wild Things' term as the children have been!

A Beautiful Music Keys Recital

Our Music Keys programme allows all students in Upper Primary to learn a musical instrument with the help of music mentors from Secondary. They have weekly sessions with their mentors, working together and building their musical skills.

Every year this culminates in a beautiful afternoon of music at our Music Keys Recital.

This took place last Wednesday 23rd May in our amphitheatre in Kisongo.

Our young musicians performed beautifully, showing the skills they had learned and their ever-emerging musical talents.  Performing both individually and in groups, they showed no sign of nerves or stage-fright.

Congratulations to you all!